Seputar Indonesia (Jakarta) in Full Production

Seputar Indonesia was Jakarta's 5th ranked newspaper.  After completing the installation of eight GWS G145 Shaftless 4Hi Towers and 2 GWS 221 Folders in mid 2009 they have grown to #2 before years end.  One of the major reasons for the huge jump is due to the high quality of registration and color management that has them producing the most attractive paper in the country.  Huge clients like Nokia have signed on to advertise in Seputar Indonesia for this reason.  Quality still sells!  This is GWS’s largest shaftless drive installation in the world. They are running it as two separate presses in line with both of them running at an average of 43,000 copies per hour.  The presses are rated to 50,000 cph and they have full capability of running 8 webs in one or two sections into one folder if needed.  The GWS G145 is our full bearer, third ink form, commercial, and semi-commercial printing unit.  Customer options include Smith RPM Spray Dampening, Perretta Remote Inking, GWS ¼ Folder, Jardis Splicers, and the 50,000 per hour upgrade; an example of yet another successful Global Web Systems solution.